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Zinc Citrate 20mg


There is nothing quite like having healthy hair, skin, nails and bones. Zinc is an essential mineral that scores high here by contributing to their normal healthy well-being as well as a very impressive array of body functions.

Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, one of the best-known zinc health benefits is immune system support. In fact, your white blood cells require zinc to function. It’s also important for the production of antibodies and cytokines, the function of natural killer cells and neutrophils, phagocytosis, and lymphocyte regulation.

In some studies, zinc was shown to cut down the duration of the common cold by almost half. Zinc salts seem to have the ability to kill some pathogens and zinc ions have antimicrobial effects. Moreover, its antiviral properties in the gastrointestinal tract can directly influence viral infections in the gut.

The antioxidant properties of zinc make it the perfect ally for fighting oxidative stress, another big stressor on the body and the root cause of many health problems, such as various cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

For adult males, the typical dosage is 10–30 mg per day. Each Zinc Citrate capsule has 20mg of Zinc which is 200% of RDA.

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