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Vitamin C Ascorbyl Palmitate (180 Capsules)


'Radiance C' is an economical yet high-value fat-soluble form of Vitamin C.

Being fat soluble, it is absorbed into the cell membrane where ascorbic acid cannot reach. It is therefore retained in the body for a longer period of time.

Because of its lipophilic nature, ascorbyl palmitate can enter the cell membrane (made from lipid) and access the lipoproteins. This special quality makes ascorbyl palmitate a very important nutrient in our body.

Ascorbyl palmitate protects fats from peroxidation, and can be stored in the body in small amounts. Taking Ascorbyl palmitate together with ascorbic acid seems to be the most ideal combination. This combination allows the body to be flushed with vitamin C at all times.

Three capsules provide 1.1g of Vitamin C, and one tub of 180 capsules provides 66g in all. It is popular for its effectiveness in supporting collagen formation in the skin, a function helped by supplementary Zinc. This combination equally supports the Immune system.

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