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Oyster Zinc Supplement


Oysters are the highest natural source of zinc — 10 times higher in fact, than the next richest source, red meat. Taking synthetic zinc in an isolated form can be dangerous, as too much is as bad as too little; and other elements like copper can become depleted if zinc is taken on its own.

Organic3 Oysterzinc™ is the most potent oyster extract available. Each bottle contains the extracted goodness of over 60 oysters.

It contains 19 amino acids, including taurine, 59 trace minerals, 12 vitamins, plus omega 3 DHA and EPA.

The oysters are produced in pristine Atlantic waters along Ireland's lush coastline — and by a proprietary artisan process to preserve bioactivity — ensuring an extremely high quality, pure extract.

Organic nutrients, completely bioavailable

Organic3 Oysterzinc™ is also bound in peptides, amino acids and organic nutrients, making it very bioavailable. Its co-factors include manganese, copper and selenium in the right balance and form for easy absorption.

All of the trace elements are present in significant yet sensible concentrations, so they work in harmony as nature intended. On the same note, none of the nutrients in our Oysterzinc™ are present in concentrations that could upset the body's natural mineral and nutrient balance.


100% pure oyster powder, made from only the extracted meat of the oyster with no shell included. It's a true food source of zinc with no additives or fillers.

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